Friday, July 10, 2009


Blessed be the Lord,
who daily bears our
Psalm 68:19

Thou wilt keep him
in perfect peace
whose mind is
stayed on Thee.
Isaiah 26:3

...the Creator of the universe-all the galaxies, stars, suns, moons-
can handle any and all of the burdens you may experience. No test or
trial surprises Him. He is aware of every circumstance that you might
go through. You don't have to live in anxiety; you can live in complete trust and peace. True peace protects. It will guard the way we think and safeguard our feelings. The answer to everything in life is living on the inside of us in the presence of the Holy Sprit. If I could point to one key to peace, it's the principle of focus. Focus on God. Then no matter what challenge comes before you, God's peace is available to you in Christ.

~Charles Stanley~
from: God is in Control


  1. A good reminder for me with all that is going on. A good reminder no matter what.

  2. peace is my number one prayer for me and my family. It seems if you have it then so much seems to fall into line.