Monday, August 10, 2009

Take up your Cross

If anyone wishes to come
after Me, he must deny
himself, and take up his
cross and follow Me.

Matthew 16:24

May I ask whether anyone looking at how you spend
your days would see evidence of self-denial, indi-
cations that you have take up your cross to follow

We want heaven, life, eternity! Who doesn't? We hear
the good news about eternal life through Jesus Christ.
It's free, so we take it, tuck it under our arms, and
walk away. We're relieved. No hell now; heaven's our
home. Then we imagine we can get back to living our
lives as we please.

But, can we? Does true Christianity allow us to go back
to living our own lives? You cannot belong to God and
live any way you please. True Christianity is discipleship.
It's the willingness to turn around, to leave everything,
and to let Jesus Christ be all in all. It's the willingness
to follow Him wherever He leads and do whatever He says.

~Kay Arthur~
from: Lord, I Give You This Day

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