Thursday, January 8, 2009

God is Worthy

He is your protector...when you feel lost, weary and afraid.
He is good...when it's time to renew your perspective.
He is holy...when you yearn for someone greater than yourself.
He is your guide...when you need guidance.
He is near...when you long to feel His presence.
He is a faithful friend...when you yearn for His company.
He is just...when you need to leave justice in God's hands.
He is all-powerful...when the battle is too much for you.
He is grace...when you need forgiveness.
He is love...when you feel orphaned by life.
He is merciful...when you need a Savior.
He is majestic...when you're filled with awe by His creativity.

~Lisa Tawn Bergren ~ condensed from "God Encounters"

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