Monday, February 9, 2009


There are times when doing nothing
demands much greater strength than
taking action. Maintaining composure
is often the best evidence of power.

Those who are unjustly accused and
mistreated without cause, know the
tremendous strength that is necessary
to keep silent and leave revenge to God.

Men may misjudge your aim,
Think they have cause to blame,
Say you are wrong;
Keep on your quiet way,
Christ is the Judge, not they,
Fear not, be strong.

~Margaret Bottome~ From Streams in the Desert

Do not take revenge, my friends.
Romans 12:19

He will be a spirit of justice
to him who sits in judgment.
Isaiah 28:6

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  1. This is so true Susie, I need to be reminded. I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie