Friday, January 8, 2010


Remain in Me, and I will remain in you.
No branch can bear fruit by itself; it
must remain in the Vine. Neither can you
bear fruit unless you remain in Me.

John 15:4

Our heavenly Father will not force us to
remain with Him. If we ignore His guiding
Holy Spirit and insist on following an un-
godly path, He'll let us go our own way.

If we wander and maker ourselves top
priority over the Lord, we will also ex-
perience a disconnect with our heavenly
Father. As Christians, we cannot move off
God's chosen path without first closing our
mind and heart to His truth and His call on
our lives.

God has bestowed spiritual gifts and material
resources to build His kingdom, and He's also
provided His Spirit to offer guidance. Pur-
suing our own plan wastes what He has given us.

Chasing after dreams that are outside of God's
purpose will lead to discontent. A great weari-
ness will overtake us if we live apart from God.
Only in Christ can we find true fulfillment.

~Charles Stanley~
from: In Touch Devotional Booklet


  1. You are posting things that reinforce what we are praying about in our church. God is good.