Monday, October 5, 2009

Words are Powerful

Photo by Donna Downey

A good person produces good words from
a good heart, and an evil person produces
evil words from an evil heart. And I tell
you this, that you must give an account on
judgement day of every idle word you speak.
The words you say now reflect your fate then;
either you will be justified by them or you
will be condemned.

Matthew 12:35-37

What comes out of your mouth has to do with the
condition of your heart. Our words can justify
or condemn. They can bring joy to us or corrupt
and dishonor us. The words we say can either
build up or break down the soul of the person
we are speaking to. What you say and how you
say it reflects the person that you are and what
is in your heart.


  1. This one gets me every time and I am constantly needing to search my heart before opening my mouth. Thank you for the reminder and love you.

    love and hugs, laurie

  2. Very good. Something I need to think about...