Friday, April 10, 2009


O death, where is your sting?
I Corinthians 15:55

For we know that when this
earthly tent we live in is
taken down (that is, when
we die and leave this earthly
body), we will have a house
in heaven, an eternal body made
for us by God himself and not
by human hands.
II Corinthians 5:1

The reality of the resurrection is that death has been
defeated! Christ conquered death completely; now He
assures His followers that we, too, will share in His
victory. Christians need not fear death. Christ has
gone before us and will take us to join Him in heaven.
Death frees us to experience the glorious heavenly
presence of God. No illness can defeat us. No disaster
can rob us of eternal life. Death can temporarily remove
us from those we love, but it transfers us into the presence
of the One who loves us the most. Jesus has prepared a place
for you in heaven that surpasses your imagination. (John 14:1-4)
Death will one day be the door by which you gain access to all
that is yours in heaven.

~Henry T. Blackaby & Richard Blackaby~
Experiencing God Day by Day

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